Zippo Lighters 100% Authentic

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    Zippo lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the lighter that is perfect for you - several models and hundreds of designs. A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter produced by Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

    Is Zippo worth the money? Zippos are certainly worth the price. With their limited lifetime warranty, Zippos are guaranteed free of material and workmanship related defects, and the company will repair or replace defective products even if your lighter is 50 years old!

    Can I Use my Zippo for Cannabis smoking? They produce a strong and steady flame produced by lighter fluid and are a favorite among many cigarette smokers. ... Using a Zippo for smoking a bowl isn't the best option due to the Zippo's flame

    1 product
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