510 Cartridge Adjustable Wattage Batteries

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    What Does 510 Threaded Mean?

    Vape pen batteries and vape cartridges are called ‘510-threaded’ because of the measurement of threads that connect the vape battery to the THC cartridge. Most vape cartridges and batteries use this universal connection type 

    How to Use Vape Batteries For 510 Thread Carts 

    When choosing a vape pen battery, it's important to also understand the basics of a THC cartridge, also called ‘cart’ for short. Here’s an overview of THC cartridges:

    • The most popular cartridge is a 510-thread, a common connection type that screws the cartridge securely into place.
    • A vape cartridge is prefilled with cannabis oil, but it's possible to buy empty 510-thread cartridges to fill up on one’s own. 
    • Ever buy a cartridge and wonder, “Why isn’t my vape cart full?” Cartridges are filled according to milligrams (mg), not volume, so some ‘headspace’ is expected. The core of the cartridge can also absorb some of the THC oil, but it’s still there and ready to be used. 
    • Vape batteries are the power source that heats up the THC oil cart and creates vapor. The vapor can then be inhaled through the mouthpiece of the cart. 
    • Disposable or single-use vape pens are also available. These contain the vape battery and THC oil cart in an all-in-one device. These all-in-one THC carts are popular for first-time vaping, traveling, or trying out a new brand of THC oil or a new strain. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Vaping THC Oil Carts?

    Vaping marijuana extracted THC oil offers a long list of benefits compared to smoking. For instance, unlike smoking, vaping allows users to take hits of marijuana at low temperatures.  Lower temperatures give the user a smooth inhalation experience. Vaped THC oil also doesn’t create smoke, which means less throat and lung irritation. 

    In addition to these health benefits, vaping is also more discreet than smoking. With THC pens and cartridges, people can enjoy the benefits of marijuana to the fullest without drawing any unwanted attention to themselves. Vape pens are slim, compact, and nearly odorless. Vaping also puts off smaller amounts of exhaled vapor than smoking. 

    These reasons are why people are preferring vape pens and cartridges to get the benefits of inhaled cannabis. 

    What Are The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis?

    The cannabis plant contains over one hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Even though research is still ongoing to unravel all of their benefits, a significant number of studies have yielded promising results about the health benefits of these chemical compounds. 

    Let’s explore the health benefits of the two most studied and well-known cannabinoids — Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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