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    Fruitbae E-Liquid is a subtle menthol line bringing you a blast of freshness as you exhale and get juicy beautiful flavors as you inhale. Fruitbae has been around for years and they really know how to mix their flavors right. With flavors, no one has ever had with just the kick amount of chill after.

    Fruitbae Salt Flavors:

    Raspberry Sour Apple Salt- Fresh Raspberries with a delicious sour green granny smith apple with a subtle kick of menthol!

    Banana Salt- Fresh Bananas from the jungle with an avalanche of chill after!

    Strawberry Kiwi Salt- Delicious blend of ripe strawberries and juicy kiwi!

    Black Currant Raspberry Salt- Delicious Exotic Black Currant and fresh raspberries with a kick of cool on the exhale!

    Guava Cactus Salt- Guava Cactus is a unique blend of freshly cut cactus fruit flavour and delicious guava!

    Mango Peach Salt- A soothing and tasty blend of fresh juicy mangoes, with a touch of plump and fuzzy peaches!

    Peach Apricot Salt- Freshly picked peaches and juicy apricots with a subtle menthol afternote!

    Banana Berry Salt- Fresh and Sweet Banana flavour with notes of mixed berries!

    Fruit Burst- Refreshing fruity beverage with fruit punch, subtle pineapple, and cherry flavours!

    Shop Fruitbae E-Juice & Nic Salts (Canada) here at Steinbach Vape SuperStore. All Fruitbae Premium E-Liquid is made with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. 

    10 products
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