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    Riot Squad Hybrid Salt E-Liquid creates juices no one has ever thought of! Bringing a perfectly balanced vape juice with consistent flavour every single time. Riot Squad was UK's top seller in 2020 rightfully so as they are based in the UK. Riot Squad continues to have a mindset to bring customers a new experience to vaping! Their attitude is an attitude that accepts nothing less than mind-blowing flavour, And they deliver every single time!

    Riot Squad Hybrid Salt Flavours:

    Purple Burst-An Amazing tropical Black Currant with a blast of cool as you exhale!

    Blue Burst-The Best Blue Raspberry you've ever had with just the right amount of chill! 

    Strawberry Pink Apple- Sweet and creamy strawberrys with an apple tang to complete the perfect flavour. 

    Banana, Raspberry, Dragon fruit- Mainly banana raspberry with a dragonfruit after taste. 

    Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry- Cant decide which berry to go with, why not the best 3! Sweet and flavourful with every hit. 

    Raspberry Grenade- Pure Raspberry explosion of flavour 


    Shop Riot Squad E-Liquid & Nic Salts (Canada) here at Winkler Vape SuperStore. All Riot Squad Hybrid Salt E-Liquid is made with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

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